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"The first wave was our coming out stories and now we are writing about so many other
things. Ours are the only untold stories--itwas true then, it's true now. We've invented
our lives. It's just exciting to me, the booksyet to be written."

The Kate Delafield Mystery Series

Hancock Park (2004)

Sleeping Bones (1999)

Apparition Alley (1997)

Liberty Square (1996)

Murder by Tradition (1991)

The Beverly Malibu (1989)

Murder at the Nightwood Bar (1987)

Amateur City (1984)


Novels of Romance / Drama

Flashpoint (1994)

An Emergency of Green (1988)

Curious Wine (1983)



Daughters of an Emerald Dusk (2005)

Daughters of an Amber Noon (2002)

Daughters of a Coral Dawn (1984)


Short Stories

Dreams and Swords (1988)


Anthologies Edited

Love, Castro Street: Reflections of San Francisco (2007)

Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World or Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950 - 1965 (2005)

Women of Mystery (2005)

All in the Seasoning: and Other Holiday Stories (2004)










Publisher: Alyson Books

ISBN: 978-1-555839-97-0

PSRP: $16.95

Available from Alyson Books Online Store


Recognized as perhaps the world's most queer destination, San Francisco has a long, storied history of embracing-and influencing-gay and lesbian culture. Now, Michael Nava, Elana Dykewoman, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Jim Tushinski, Michele Tea, K.M. Soehnlein, and many others offer up essays and stories about why they love Castro Street.


Editorial Reviews


This top-notch collection of more than two dozen personal essays is a luscious love letter to the queerest of cities. Most contributors wax nostalgic: Carol Seajay on the birth of Old Wives Tales, one of the earliest feminist bookstores; Victor J. Banis on life as the manager of a decrepit apartment building and its queer denizens in the heart of pre-AIDS Castro; Lucy Jane Bledsoe on coming to SF in 1976; J. Allen Sawyer on his decades-long love affair with the famed Castro Theatre; and Jim Duggins, with an offbeat account of his stint working among the hard-core convicts of Alcatraz. There aren't a lot of contemporary accounts: Kirk Read's "Notes on the Castro" and K.M Soehnlein's "First Days" revel in the sexual freedom they encountered when they both arrived in the city, not so many years ago, and Helen Zia's "Where the Queer Zone Meets the Asian Zone" celebrates the short window of opportunity in 2004 when lesbians and gays could wed. Most out-of-left-field essay? Former mystery writer and self-professed schoolyard sissy Michael Nava's love affair with baseball.

--Richard Labonte, Book Marks



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