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All in the Seasoning: and Other Holiday Stories

Celebrate the holidays lesbian style! Celebrate solstice with a firefighter on the job in New York City, Thanksgiving with a lesbian border patrol agent, Hanukah at a lesbian bar, and Christmas with a lesbian couple in South Africa.

Here are the stories that celebrate our own traditions, stories about our love and our families and our connections, our own holiday stories. Indulge yourself and those you love with this sinfully rich assortment of holiday-themed tales by authors tried and true—Lee Lynch, Katherine V. Forrest, Val McDermid—and by the new writers you’ll be glad you found.

Women of Mystery

his title contains 14 dazzling tales of mystery and murder from the best-known lesbian crime writers. Harrington Park Press proudly presents “Women of Mystery”, an anthology of short lesbian suspense fiction from the best known lesbian mystery writers in the business. Edited by Katherine V. Forrest, author of the three-time Lambda Literary Award-winning, “Kate Delafield” mystery series, this book contains an unprecedented collection of never-before-published stories of mystery and imagination that’ll keep readers thrilled as well as enthralled.

Editorial Reviews


“Beyond the grave, temporarily in the grave, not grave at all…these stories explore the inconvenience of being dead, the allure of danger by night, ghostly visitations, lethal secrets, victims who richly deserve to die, victims who have no intention of dying, the propensity of gardens to be planted with more than flowers.” – Claire McNab “A winning anthology…every single story held my attention until the very end.” – Ellen Hart “By far the best collection of mystery stories by lesbian writers I have ever read.” – Evelyn Torton Beck”

Lesbian Pulp Fiction: The Sexually Intrepid World or Lesbian Paperback Novels 1950 – 1965

Long before the rise of the modern gay movement, an unnoticed literary revolution was occurring between the covers of the cheaply produced lesbian pulp paperbacks of the post–World War II era. In 1950, publisher Fawcett Books founded its Gold Medal imprint, inaugurating the reign of lesbian pulp fiction. These were the books that small-town lesbians and prurient men bought by the millions — cheap, easy to find in drugstores, and immediately recognizable by their lurid covers: often a hard-looking brunette standing over a scantily clad blonde, or a man gazing in tormented lust at a lovely, unobtainable lesbian. For women leading straight lives, here was confirmation that they were not alone and that darkly glamorous, “gay” places like Greenwich Village existed. Some — especially those written by lesbians — offered sympathetic and realistic depictions of “life in the shadows,” while others (no less fun to read now) were smutty, sensational tales of innocent girls led astray. In the overheated prose typical of the genre, this collection documents the emergence of a lesbian subculture in postwar America.



Editorial Reviews

San Francisco Chronicle

“[Katherine V. Forrest] has reclaimed a treasury of lesbian history in a bold and credible way.”


New York Post

“These writers deserve a place of pride alongside their pulp contemporaries.”

Love, Castro Street: Reflections of

San Francisco

Recognized as perhaps the world’s most queer destination, San Francisco has a long, storied history of embracing—and influencing—gay and lesbian culture. Now, Michael Nava, Elana Dykewoman, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Jim Tushinski, Michele Tea, K.M. Soehnlein, and many others offer up essays and stories about why they love Castro Street.

Katherine V. Forrest is the Lambda Award-winning author of Curious Wine, Daughters of the Emerald Dusk, and the Kate Delafield mystery series.

Jim Van Buskirk, the director of the James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center at the San Francisco Library, co-authored Gay by the Bay.